Our Camps

Our summer/winter camps offer unique and outstanding instruction that promotes the fundamentals necessary to meet your athletic goals. Designed for boys and girls grades 3-9, our camps instill the core aspects of basketball. In addition to becoming a better player, all campers receive a T-shirt, a basketball, and prizes!

Skills That Will Be Touched On


Proper Dribbling

Crossovers, splits and change of direction



Layups and post-play


Proper form, rotation, follow through, and balance


Release point, extension, and recognition for utilizing proper passes



Catch it up/keep it up, chin on the ball, outlets


Stance, angle of approach, and help side responsibilities

Winter Camps

Rain, sleet, and snow can’t stop the East Coast Panthers from improving the performance of tomorrow’s next star. Use the winter break to keep yourself busy and focused while also having fun at our three-day winter camp. The winter camp is a quick and cost-effective way to keep your head in the game!

Summer Camps

Don’t let yourself forget all of the drills and skills you have worked on all season. Use summer vacation to keep yourself busy and focused while also having fun at our four-day summer camps. Offering several sessions throughout July and August, we are pleased to be able to accommodate to your summer schedule.

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