Leagues are an excellent way to compete against other talented teams. Everyone can benefit from learning the importance of teamwork, practice, and how to win and lose together. Sign up for a league with us and help elevate your skill sets.

HS Leagues

Designed for boys and girls in both the JV and Varsity divisions, our high school leagues are unique because you can either enroll as a team or as an individual who will then be placed on an East Coast Panthers team. In addition, the different sessions offered will cater to your schedule.

Men's Leagues

The beauty behind basketball with the East Coast Panthers is that you don’t have to stop playing once you graduate from high school. We are happy to offer two different adult’s leagues, with one taking place during the winter and the other taking place during the summer. Our program, which has now been running for a few years, is a great opportunity for men ages 18+ to continue their athletic pursuits!

Ready to join a program?